Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finding a Job in the present economic Turmoil

Finding a job is always a difficult task. Finding the right job, is even more difficult. Current economic conditions are not a great help and whether new stimuli programs actually have a significant impact is somewhat in the stars.

When I was a young economist, I had always been taught that fiscal (taxes and subsidies) and monetary (printing money or in some other ways increasing the amount of money in circulation) measures need  six to eight quarters to be seen to take effect within the economy. Current politicians, and even worse, the technical people who support them, appear to have forgotten that.
As a result, they implement measure after measure to satisfy populist demands for more jobs without really knowing, what the measures they have already taken, will do. Short of replacing the government through the ballot box, the individual cannot do much about the prevailing economic conditions. Even todays elections, may only lead to another set of opposing populist policies with uncertain outcomes.

Which really leaves the individual job seeker, where he has always been, relying on his own devices to get a decently paid and satisfying job, using the information at his disposal and a set of tools, such as a good and truthful resume and proper preparation for an interview to attain his/her goal.

This is how JobLine International can help you: By providing the right information with the right tools, so that you can present yourself in the best possible light to a new employer. 

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